Complex projects and tasks demand integrative solutions based on a broad spectrum of experience. This conviction has systematically characterised our method of working.
We involve participants and affected parties in all projects. We take all boundary conditions into account and address all the possible alternatives.

Water management

A strong affinity for water - our expertise and enthusiasm not only produce innovative solutions in individual projects but also affect national and international water sector developments.

Our strengths

Today‘s situation of the water sector is challenged by uncertainties in water demand, by worsening water quality, by pressure for cost-efficient solutions and by fast changing socio-economic boundary conditions.

The comprehensive expertise of our team enables us to successfully cope with reorganisation and transformation processes in technological regimes and institutional structures all over the world.

Our expertise covers the entire water sector from water supply, sanitation including wastewater disposal and urban drainage, hydraulic engineering, hydrology, water resources monitoring (quantitatively and qualitatively), hydropower (assessments and planning) to integrated river basin planning.

We work in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa and have special experience with projects and development processes in countries with developing and transition economies

Our services

Planning services:
Flood protection, hazard zone mapping, solid matter, renaturations, reservoir flushing, small hydropower plants, fish bypasses, hydraulic analysis, cost-benefit analysis, programme and project development, process and result monitoring, monitoring systems and indicators, tendering consultancy

Survey services:
Terrestrial survey (tachymeter / GPS), terrestrial laserscan, survey with echo sounder (DGPS-RTK/TPS), photogrammetric survey with drones, stream gauging (1D/2D/3D), bed-load sampling, monitoring

Spatial information system services:
Digital terrain modelling, precipitation-runoff modelling, visualisation

Numerical and conceptual modeling:
Development of numerical models, hydraulic modelling of surface water bodies  (1D, 2D & 3D), hydro-morphologic modelling, precipitation-runoff modelling, habitat modelling, sediment transport, modelling (1D, 2D)

Construction project management:
Construction project management, cost estimate, evaluation & controlling, construction site supervision

Expert statements and studies:
Needs assessment, (pre-)feasibility study, aternatives study, economic study and financial analysis, technical due diligence, environmental due diligence, environmental impact studies and assessments, multi-criteria decision aid,

Applied research  & development


  • The water team uses cutting-edge IT and telecommunication facilities. We comply with an ISO 9001:2000 certified quality management system for all working processes.
  • We apply specialised planning, calculation and documentation software tools for process control of design measures and construction works. For this purpose we also utilise Internet-based content management systems and are experienced with databases.
  • For the production of technical designs we employ up-to-date CAD software. For the dimensioning of water supply, wastewater and rainwater networks we use hydraulic computer modelling programs.
  • We process spatial data with geographical information system software.
  • We utilise hydrological and hydrodynamic computer programs for different spatial and temporal scales.

Selected Projects

iC has experience in implementing projects in many disciplines in more than 100 countries in the world. The specific experience in Ukraine highlights, among others, selected references in energy efficiency, renewable energy, construction project management, public transport and environmental sectors

News & Publications

Latest News & Publications

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