Complex projects and tasks demand integrative solutions based on a broad spectrum of experience. This conviction has systematically characterised our method of working.
We involve participants and affected parties in all projects. We take all boundary conditions into account and address all the possible alternatives.


Our experts in geotechnics, underground engineering and mining offer design and consulting services as well as project management and site supervision.

Our strengths

Our three offices in Vienna, Salzburg and Ljubljana employ some 40 engineers and offer a complete range of design and consulting services in the fields of tunnelling and underground engineering. Our experienced engineers manage various teams; most with over 15 years of experience with projects in Austria and abroad.

Our teams are organised in an interdisciplinary way and  are able to directly access the multifaceted services of iC in civil, structural, geotechnical, electrical , mechanical and agricultural engineering. Special emphasis is placed on cooperating with engineering geologists.

We are proud that our clients are highly satisfied and maintain long-term business relations with us. Our goal is to understand precisely what our clients need and offer optimum solutions. It is our conviction that all parties involved profit from anticipatory planning.

Our services

Design of tunnels, shafts, caverns and underground engineering services for road, railway, metro, hydropower and mining projects

Geotechnical and structural tunnel design for NATM and TBM tunnelling in soft ground and rock including ancillary facilities

Geotechnical design of soil and rock slopes

Geotechnical expert opinions with a focus on rock mechanics and analyses of stability in mines and quarries

Consulting services covering all aspects of geotechnical engineering, tunnelling, construction operation and construction contracts

Project management and controlling of tunnelling and underground engineering projects

Geotechnical supervision of tunnelling sites, design and interpretation of geotechnical monitoring and geotechnical risk management

Selected Projects

iC has experience in implementing projects in many disciplines in more than 100 countries in the world. The specific experience in Ukraine highlights, among others, selected references in energy efficiency, renewable energy, construction project management, public transport and environmental sectors

News & Publications

Latest News & Publications

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23 May 2022

Considering the difficult situation in the country with the damaged infrastructure and municipal and social…

3 May 2022

It has been calculated: rehabilitation of infrastructure will cost Ukraine over USD 84 billion! It…

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