Complex projects and tasks demand integrative solutions based on a broad spectrum of experience. This conviction has systematically characterised our method of working.
We involve participants and affected parties in all projects. We take all boundary conditions into account and address all the possible alternatives.

Project objectives

In the academic year 2013/2014 the Vienna University of Economics and Business will relocate from Althanstrasse to the new campus. On the new, modern campus, which is located near the city centre and the Prater recreation area, an innovative university concept is to be implemented.





2009 – 2016


Site supervision including supervision of mechanical and electrical engineering; construction site coordination according to the Austrian Construction Work Coordination Act (BauKG)

Project description

An architecture competition was held for Campus WU. Master planning is undertaken by the Vienna based architecture office BUSarchitektur. The campus consists of 6 buildings designed by different internationally renowned architects (Library & Learning Centre – Zaha Hadid; lecture centre & restaurant & department buildings – BUSarchitektur; external service providers & department buildings – Atelier Hitoshi Abe; department buildings & special libraries – CRABstudio; Executive Academy – NO.MAD Arquitectos; department buildings – Estudio Carme Pinós). Campus WU will have capacity for up to 30,000 students. In addition to lecture rooms and departments for the different institutes, there will be libraries and reading desks for the students. On the ground floor there will be restaurants. An underground car park connects the individual buildings.

Project data

Address: 1020 Vienna, Südportalstrasse/Rotundenplatz
Plot area: c. 90,000 m²
Length c. 560 m, width between c. 150 and 210 m
Public transport: U2 underground stations ”Messe Prater“ and “Krieau“
Surroundings: Messe Wien, ViertelZwei and Prater
Built-up area: c. 25,000 m²
Net floor space c. 100,000 m²
Some 65 m² of publicly accessible open space

Project specifics

The campus consists of architecturally sophisticated buildings. Large parts of the Library & Learning Centre will be constructed in exposed concrete which makes high demands on the installations and the quality of the surfaces. Outdoors several attractions like stages, lounges and common areas will be situated

Services iC

The services are rendered in a consortium with Ingenos, Gobiet ZT GmbH and comprise site supervision including supervision of mechanical and electrical engineering as well as construction site coordination according to the Austrian Construction Work Coordination Act (BauKG).

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