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Office in Zaporizhzhia

23 November 2020

Investment into infrastructure create new markets for business and jobs to support people and economy.

Selection of iC as a winner in the tender on technical supervision services, namely within the Zaporizhzhia bridge project, lead to establishment of iC office in Zaporizhzhia in August, 2020. Currently, the Zaporizhzhian team consists of 20 employees, including engineers, designers, roads’ and bridge construction experts, quality assurance specialists and administrative staff.

Construction works are performed round the clock and iC team spends minimum of time in the office and lots of it on-site. Setting-up a large team of people to work on a new project site is not a new task for iC and the process is permanently supported by Vienna and Kyiv offices, both online and with regular travels to Zaporizhzhia.

Supervision team ensures quality control of works performance and supplied materials, as well as assessment of scopes and acceptance of performed works and, recommends and makes adjustments in Contractor`s work and always attends materials’ testing in the laboratory and on-site.

In addition, our experts control compliance of project documents and reporting, confirm quality of supplied materials and structures.

Regular reporting to the Client is very important to assure smooth communication. It includes weekly meetings and monthly progress reports, covering construction progress, financial component, quality control, environmental protection and other technical and organizational matters. However, the Contractor on the daily basis provides a work plan for the next day on each structure, as well as overview of all activities performed on each day.

Quality of the bridge construction in Zaporizhzhia, a landmark project both for the city, and for the country, must be impeccable! All the stakeholders of the project are enthusiastically determined to show excellent results.

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