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Zaporizhzhia Street Lighting

Project objectives

Zaporizhzhia city authorities planned to improve sustainability and quality of public lighting by replacing the inefficient and outdated bulbs with energy efficient LED technology as well as introducing a technical capability for street lighting intelligent control system.

Recommendations from the Consultant helped International Financial Corporation and the city to ensure quality and maximize impacts of the investment projects. The Consultant worked closely with both Public Utility Company “Zaporizhmisksvitlo” and the involved city administration departments during the advisory assignment.


International Finance Corporation (IFC)




05.2020 - 06.2021


– Technology selection;

– Review of technical documents;

– Procurement option analysis.

Project description

Advisory support to the city of Zaporizhzhia, including:

  • Advice on technology selection and review of the technical documents for the street lighting system upgrades;
  • Provision of recommendations along the procurement process to ensure competitive and transparent procurement of equipment, software, and related works and services for the associated project

Project data

The project on the rehabilitation of the public lighting system in Zaporizhzhia included: 1,557 lighting installations, 29.2 km of grids and 37 control boxes

Project specifics

This project was a part of the IFC Cities Initiative – a program that aims to support deployment of smart-city technologies, development of sustainable municipal infrastructure, urban mobility, energy efficiency, and climate resilience in partner cities

Services iC

  • High-level review of Zaporizhzhia street lighting system;
  • Advice on technology selection and technical specifications for the street lighting system upgrades to be procured by the city of Zaporizhzhia;
  • Review of technical documentation for the street lighting;
  • Recommendations on procurement types and schemes. Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses for different types of procurement.
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