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Technical Supervision of highway construction over the Dnipro River in Zaporizhzhia city

Project objectives

Technical supervision of works on site according to the Law of Ukraine “On Regulation of Urban Development”, and the Procedure of technical supervision during construction of an architectural object, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated July 11, 2007, № 903


Road Service in Zaporizhzhia region






Control over the quality, scope and schedule of works; control of the records and executive documentation; control over the elimination of defects that affect road safety or roads’ preservation; acceptance of works performed in compliance with requirements of construction standards of Ukraine; control over the maintenance of the highway section for the period of its reconstruction or overhaul; control over the working documents development and reporting to the Client


Project description

Control over compliance with design solutions and road construction standards, as well as control over the quality, scope and cost of works performed during the construction, reconstruction and repair of the highway and bridge

Project data

Highway construction over the Dnipro River in Zaporizhzhia city (highway H-08 Boryspil – Dnipro – Zaporizhzhia (through Kremenchuk) – Mariupol. The driveway to Khortytsia Island (highway over the Dnipro River in Zaporizhzhia) (First stage of construction)

Project specifics

  • Two parallel cable stay bridges with the lengths of 660m and a navigable span of 260 m, supported by a cable stay structure consisting of five sections of 80 m bridge;
  • Total height of the reinforced concrete pylon is 166m;
  • A separate frame girder parallel bridges with a total length of 340 m;
  • Approximately 9 km of highway with 6 interchanges and 8 overpasses

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Technical Supervision of construction

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