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Feasibility Study and Project Implementation Unit Support for Energy Efficiency Improvements in Public Buildings and Street Lighting in Kherson

Project objectives

The main goal of the project is to increase energy efficiency of public buildings and street lighting system in the city of Kherson


CES clean energy solutions (contracted by NEFCO)






Assessment of Existing Facilities and Baseline Situation; Elaboration of the investment programme; Planning implementation of the investment programme and procurement support; PIU support

Project description

Preparation of a comprehensive Feasibility Study in order to develop a bankable Priority Investment Programme for energy efficiency improvements in O.S. Luchanskogo Kherson municipal clinical hospital and street lighting system. Implementation of the investment project will lead to reduction of fuel and electricity consumption, energy costs, and subsequently reduce the burden on the municipal budget

Project data

7 hospital buildings were assessed for the investment. The Consultant also proposed energy efficiency measures for the street lighting system modernization in 84 streets with the total length of 104 km

Project specifics

Measures for buildings: rinsing and balancing of heating systems, replacement of exterior doors and windows, repair of heat insulation of pipelines, repair and insulation of roofs, heat recovery in ventilation systems, insulation of building envelopes.

Measures for street lighting system: replacement of outdated street lamps with bulb sodium arc tube lamps and arc mercury lamps by new energy efficient LED lamps; replacement / installation of new street lighting poles, brackets incl. grounding, overhead wiring, new control and dispatch system, and disposal of hazardous materials

Services iC

  • Feasibility study
  • Priority Investment Programme
  • Environmental and Social assessment
  • Gender assessment
  • Procurement support
  • PIU support
  • Capacity building
  • Contract administration
  • Works supervision
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