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Reconstruction of Lutsk Dormitory is Completed

21 November 2023

The reconstruction of a dormitory in Lutsk allocated by the city for the settlement of internally displaced persons has been completed.

The dormitory building has undergone a thorough transformation, featuring newly insulated and adorned facades, revamped internal spaces, and upgraded furnishings and equipment adhering to modern standards. The transformation went beyond the building itself, encompassing the renovation of the surrounding areas, including a revamped children’s playground, a newly laid football field, and a redesigned recreation area.

The entire reconstruction initiative was carried out under the “EU Support to Urgent Housing Needs for Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine” (NIP III) program. The project is funded by the EU and administered by NEFCO.

The project consultants, iC consulenten and CES clean energy solutions, played a pivotal role in supporting the Project Implementation Unit.

Petro Halabitskyi, iC Project Leader, highlighted a distinctive aspect of the reconstruction, which is a “turnkey renovation” approach. This strategy ensures residents experience immediate comfort upon moving in. To achieve this, all engineering systems were configured and launched before the heating season, household appliances were seamlessly connected, rooms were fully furnished, and essential amenities, such as dishes and bed linen, were thoughtfully provided.

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