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iC Ukraine experts told about life hacks for participation in international tenders

12 September 2023

On 20 July 2023, iC Ukraine, with the support of NEFCO, organised and held a workshop “International tenders – life hacks for potential contractors for successful participation”.

The event brought together more than 100 representatives of Ukrainian companies working in the heat, water and wastewater sectors, as well as the supply of municipal equipment, which proves a high interest in such tenders on the Ukrainian market.

The speakers at the event were Iryna Omelianenko from iC Ukraine and the representatives of NEFCO –  Iryna Fedorenko, Oleksiy Dumik, Serhiy Zbrokh.

Iryna Fedorenko, NEFCO Investment Advisor, spoke about NEFCO’s current projects in Ukraine, as well as its 15 years of experience in financing municipal projects in Ukraine: grant and loan financing of more than 200 projects in 100 cities.

Iryna Omelianenko, iC Ukraine’s procurement expert, spoke about the intricacies of participating in tenders at all stages – starting with how to search for information about new tenders, why it makes sense to participate in pre-tender meetings, and what to do when a company cannot meet the qualification requirements on its own. Iryna also focused on tips -` how to fill out tender documents correctly, presented  practical cases and explained what plays a crucial role in the evaluation and how it is carried out in such tenders.

Oleksiy Dumik, NEFCO Technical Consultant, shared with the participants the main points about heat supply lots in tenders, namely the preparation of proposals for such lots/tenders and focused on the correct filling of price lists.

Sergiy Zbrokh, NEFCO Technical Expert on Water Supply, Wastewater and Wastewater Treatment, spoke about the typical composition of the “Customer Requirements” part of the tender documentation, which is provided by the Customer as part of the technical documentation, the structure, and most importantly, about typical mistakes made by contractors in preparing a tender proposal. Sergiy focused on the examples of typical contracts under the programme “Restoration of Critical Infrastructure in Ukraine”. Sergiy also explained why it is worth participating in international tenders and IFI contracts.


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