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Ukraine’s Energy Efficiency Service Market Development in frames of GIZ project “Energy Efficiency in Companies”

Project objectives

The assignment aimed to create a deep understanding of the Energy Efficiency Services market in Ukraine as overall system that considers market participants such as service providers, demand side,  regulatory market barriers, existing business models and services








Analysis of existing EESP market; Energy efficiency services demand analysis; Gender Impact Assessment & Action Plan for the GIZ project; Stakeholder round-table; Development of recommended courses of action for future EESP market monitoring; Development of brochure with results of the market screening; Analysis of Incentive structures and supporting mechanisms for EE in companies; Preparation of Action Plan for implementation of Industry development Strategy

Project description

To achieve energy modernization in Ukrainian enterprises, GIZ was commissioned to carry out the project “Energy Efficiency in Companies”. The project, among other, aims to improve the offer of energy efficiency consultancy services for companies, support the development of pilot projects and build capacity of employees and managers

Project data

The Consultant implemented Energy Efficiency Service Provider (EESP) Market Evaluation, developed training concepts, analyzed financial and other incentive mechanisms available for energy efficiency investment in companies

Project specifics

Services iC

  • Market analysis
  • Gender Impact Assessment
  • Action Planning
  • Capacity building
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