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Thermal renovation of the Hospital building in Sumy is completed

13 August 2021
Another successfully implemented project is ready to be announced: thermal renovation of the Children’s Clinical Hospital of St. Zinaida building in Sumy is completed!
It started in 2019 with an energy audit of the building. The investment volume and set of energy efficiency measures were identified based on the energy audit results. The project was aimed to reduce heat losses, save the city budget and extend the life cycle of the building. Thanks to the fruitful cooperation with the city authorities, the hospital staff and the city energy management department, all stages of the project passed timely and qualitatively.
In order to achieve the project objectives, the following measures have been implemented:
  • Thermal insulation of facades and technical floor;
  • Waterproofing of the technical floor of the building;
  • Installation of an individual weather-controlled heating unit;
  • Replacement of windows and doors;
  • Renovation of the entrance group of the building;
  • Reconstruction of paving and lightning protection;
  • Other relevant measures.
As a result of project accomplishment, the visitors and staff may take advantage of a comfortable and convenient hospital facility, and the city will benefit from one more energy efficient building!

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