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Olena Rybak moderated the second session of the 12th Energy Day

18 June 2021

Yesterday Olena Rybak and the speakers of the second session of the 12th Energy Day “Climate lockdown. Time to act until it is too late” — “What are the donors silent about and what it has to do with Ukraine wasting time in energy saving” frankly talked about the status of energy efficiency in Ukraine. They recalled distant 2011, when had agreed that energy efficiency must become a foremost priority of the national policy.

Briefly about the discussion:

  • Discussed plans of SAEE to reduce energy consumption till 2030.
  • Learned about the experience of projects’ implementation in Khmenlytskyi. About the drivers of success and the obstacles.
  • Analysed risks of adoption of the Carbon Adjustment Mechanism, a tax in the concept of Green Deal, and its consequences for metal industry of Ukraine.
  • Heard about organization of educational hubs at the Ukrainian universities, development of special educational programs for trainers aimed at their education and capacity building.
  • Talked about the need of establishment of a unique state authority, which would promote and push energy efficiency projects.

International colleagues said that they can see a fundamental change in Ukraine — it is much easier to implement energy efficiency projects now. Circumstances for a dialogue with municipalities changed.  Ukraine’s reputation has become stronger.

The speakers together admitted the main factors of successful implementation of EE projects:

  • Leadership – the importance of the political will of municipalities
  • Institutional capacity
  • Legislation
  • Qualification and competence
  • Finance
  • Communication

Video records of the sessions are available via links: 1st and 2nd thematic sessions 3rd and 4th thematic sessions

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