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Ukraine Municipal Infrastructure Programme – Programme Management and Support Unit start-up assignment

Project objectives

The main goal of the Project was to set up the technical and economic, organizational, institutional and formal framework for the operationalization and implementation of the public infrastructure projects in Ukraine. Based on the elaborated technical/economic and controlling specific processes and Guidelines the Consultant was responsible to train Programme Management and Support Unit (PMSU) staff, municipalities and infrastructure utilities in project and programme management








Technical and economic analysis of projects in water, waste water, district heating, waste management, public buildings and outdoor lighting sectors; Management support; Organizational and institutional development, trainings; Marketing (webpage, communication strategy); Procurement support; Financial controlling; Investment management

Project description

The Consultant was entrusted by the EIB to Support the Ukrainian Ministry of Regional Development to setup the Programme Management and Support Unit, operating a EUR 400 mln. investment fund for infrastructure. The fund is focused on financing of rehabilitation projects in the public sector, including district heating, water, waste water, waste management, buildings, public lighting projects

Project data

Credit line of EIB: EUR 400 mln. Project size: min. EUR 5 mln. per project

Project specifics

Development of the institutional and operational structures requires the involvement of several disciplines. Beside the technical/economic expertise, the project required the involvement of legal experts, financing experts as well as marketing and IT experts

Services iC

  • PMSU / PIU Support
  • Procurement support
  • Program / project management support
  • Institutional strengthening & Capacity building
  • Marketing
  • Investment management
  • Financial controlling
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