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Lviv Pollution Mitigation Programme: Investment Plan Development – Improving Industrial Waste Water Treatment & Increasing Energy Efficiency at Private Enterprises being customers to Lviv Vodokanal

Project objectives

Improvement of waste water from industrial facilities, and better provision of treatment services by Lviv Vodokanal (water utility company)


CES clean energy solutions (contracted by NEFCO)






Identification of Private Enterprises of Interest; Assessment of Existing Facilities and Environmental Baseline Situation, including Waste Water processes evaluation and Energy Audits preparation; Identification and description of improvement potential in processes and applied technology of relevance for Industrial Wastewater treatment, and for general industrial energy efficiency; Elaboration of 5 Investment Plans, which included economic benefits, improved waste water quality and measurable reduction of GHG emission; Planning Implementation of the Investment Programme; Information Activities; Stakeholder Co-ordination

Project description

NEFCO was considering loan financing of several “green projects” related to improving industrial waste water treatment and increasing energy efficiency at private enterprises being customers to Lviv Vodokanal

Project data

The consultant developed 5 customized and bankable investment plans for local private enterprises in Lviv aiming at:

  • improvement of the companies’ financial standing
  • reduction of the pollution load to Lviv Vodokanal and
  • reduction of GHG emissions / increase of energy efficiency

Project specifics

The investment plans have been developed for companies in food/beverage industry, pharma industry and textile industry

Services iC

  • Energy Audit
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Investment planning
  • Information activities
  • Stakeholders coordination
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