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Implementation of River Information Services (RIS) on the Danube River in Serbia

Project objectives

The overall objective of the programme for RIS implementation in Serbia is to improve the safety and efficiency of inland waterway navigation on the river Danube, being Trans-European Transport Corridor VII and on Sava river.





2009 – 2013


Provision of supervisory services to Plovput (Inland Waterway Authority of Serbia) and EU Delegation (Contracting Authority) on the installation and pilot operation of Telematic system for RIS on the rivers Danube and Sava

Project description

iC in cooperation with via donau (A) has been entrusted to supervise the system development and integration of a comprehensive River Information Services along the Danube River in Serbia and to support the Directorate for Inland Waterways as Beneficiary in the approving and taking over of services and supplies of IT equipment.
Under the Transponder equipment programme commercial ships shall be equipped with transponders and ECDIS viewer for data communication.

Project data

The RIS programme in Serbia includes the installation of 15 AIS Base stations along the Danube and 3 AIS Base stations along the Sava, RIS Centre for system monitoring in Belgrade, 47 work stations for specified users (River Police, Kapetanja), 51 Government vessels and about 170 commercial vessels equipped, and the development of Software applications for 9 services for inland waterway navigation.

Project specifics

Telematic and IT technology services based on international standards for IWW navigation in compliance with RIS EU Directive 2005/44/EC.

Services iC

Supervision of the implementation and deliveries of equipment, acceptance testing of installed services, provision of technical, managerial and contractual support to the main beneficiary and assistance in the pilot operation phase.

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