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We involve participants and affected parties in all projects. We take all boundary conditions into account and address all the possible alternatives.

Safe asbestos handling in Kherson

10 January 2020

Safe asbestos handling in Kherson is real!
One of the meetings during an extremely busy December was related to the topic of outmost importance to our team – safe asbestos handling during building rehabilitation projects.
Kherson city representatives, experts of iC consulenten and CES clean energy solutions have met to discuss cooperation under the initiative supported by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA). ADA is supporting CES to establish Ukrainian Competence Center for Hazardous Waste.
Development of hazardous materials and city waste handling policy as well as building capacities on the Ukrainian market for services provision is among the main tasks of future Competence Center. No less important is to increase awareness about asbestos, as its deadly impact on human is still partially ignored. Read details in the article.

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