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Iryna Sukhodub about advantages of wall greening

26 June 2020

What are the advantages of wall greening in modern urban infrastructure and for residents’ comfort?
Our Iryna Sukhodub gave a profound comment in figures for – «Reduction of temperature can reach 10-14°С for the wall with southern orientation, which will result in reduction of temperature of internal wall surface by 0.5-1°С and internal air temperature by 1 °С. On the Eastern wall reduction can reach 6°С, 1°С and 0.5°С for the external one, internal surface temperature and air temperature respectively. Reduction of “heat island” effect leads to reduction of the load on air conditioning system by appr. 5-10%. At the same time, it should be noted that most of available results of experimental surveys have been obtained for the locations with higher average annual temperature, therefore it is not quite correct to use these results directly for Ukrainian climatic conditions». Read more in the article

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