Complex projects and tasks demand integrative solutions based on a broad spectrum of experience. This conviction has systematically characterised our method of working.
We involve participants and affected parties in all projects. We take all boundary conditions into account and address all the possible alternatives.

Implementation of energy efficiency measures in budgetary institutions in Lutsk. Inforgaphics. Video

3 April 2020

Small Lutsk citizens grow up and study in pretty modernized kindergartens and schools and their parents are satisfied and calm since children stay in a warm, light and cozy place. Ideal picture, which though was achieved with big efforts.

One more project “Implementation of energy efficiency measures in budgetary institutions” was complete. It was implemented by Lutsk City Council under the initative and financing of E5P and NEFCO with consulting support of iC consulenten and CES clean energy solutions. What budget was spent and which economic and physical indexes were achieved you can see on infographics and video 



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